Scrappy Cute

I’m a big fan of saving scraps for future projects, but not a huge fan of messes. Scraps can tend to get a bit out of control and definitely not cute! I needed to keep my space clean, cute but handy. So the solution? A large mouth Ball jar.

A jar in itself is very cute. But kicking up the cuteness factor was what I was after since this would be sitting on my cutting table. So I gathered some scrappy strips of fabric, leftover twill ribbon from fat quarter bundles and a sweet enamel charm!

This jar creates a perfectly cute way to store trimmings and scraps until I’m ready to deal with them.

2 thoughts on “Scrappy Cute”

  1. Hi! I love this idea! My scraps are out of control! For pieces that are larger, may I ask what size strips are your favorite to cut? I can never decide!


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