Clean or Messy?

Recently when I have posted photos of my quilt studio on Instagram, I have seen comments asking me why I am so tidy. I found that so peculiar. Why wouldn’t I be tidy? Then I started thinking about it and realized not everyone works the same way that I do. So I thought perhaps it may be good to give some insight into why it is important to me to have a tidy quilting space.

Creative Thinking. I enjoy a crafting space that is clean for every start and finish. It is better for me to have a clean slate every time I start a project because it helps me be more creative and think clearer. When my space is a mess, I have too many things to look at and think about which distracts me from the creative process. Clearing out my space helps me focus on my project and find ways to make it mine.

Efficiency. An organized space also helps me work more efficiently. When my area is a mess, I’m unable to find my tools, patterns, or notions I need to complete a project quickly. My goal is to complete projects timely mostly because I find so many fun things to work on and am ready to move on to the next thing. Time spent searching for my tools to complete a project seems like wasted time to me. If it is neat and orderly, it is more efficient. That frees up time for me to move on to the next fun project!

IKEA Alex Drawers on Casters – Holds all of my notions nearby

Sense of Calm. I don’t know about you, but there is just a sense of calm that comes over me when I walk into my quilt studio each morning when the sun is shining through the windows and peeking out from behind the pink curtains. I turn on soft music, sip my coffee and sit back in my chair looking around at my clean space. It brings me such a sense of calm to start my day. The same goes for the evening. After I’ve had a long work day in my room on the weekends, I can get a lot of things flying! So, it is nice to tidy up at the end of the day so I know I can enjoy my room without having to stare at chaos.

My Quilt Studio – Christmas 2021

I do think it is entirely possible to have a functional space that is beautiful. Not all crafting spaces have to be filled with chaos and mess. Some crafters can work in that environment, but I am definitely not one of those who can. I say do you! If messy chaos helps get your creative thinking flowing, by all means mess away! But if you’re like me, tidy rooms lead to beautiful creative thinking, efficiency and a sense of calm which turns into finished projects that make room for even more!

Happy quilting!


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