Mystery Quilts… yay or nay?

I have a love-hate relationship with mystery quilts. I get into them thinking it will be fun but quickly realize that I hate not knowing what the final product is going to be. Do you struggle with that, too?

The first one I ever did was not what I expected. I picked fabrics according to the pattern and was so excited! The fabric was beautiful! But as I started piecing it, I quickly realized I had picked the wrong fabric for this project. But I’d already cut, so onward and upward.

It was a complicated pattern and I just didn’t enjoy it at all. What I learned in the process was that I don’t like not knowing what the final project is going to look like since I can’t pick fabric based on the final look.

Mystery Quilt 2018

After getting this quilt done, I moved on and promised I would NEVER do another mystery quilt. But, when the 2021 Designer Mystery quilt was released, I decided to take the plunge. Let’s try this again.

What I have learned is that I don’t like picking fabrics for a project where I can’t see the finished piece before getting started. But if professionals are picking my fabric, the pressure is off! I’ve truly enjoyed this year’s Mystery Quilt SAL and I love the fabric! I mean you really can’t go wrong with Joanna Figueroa fabrics.

Quilt Block #2 for 2021 Designer Mystery

I hope this encourages you to start something one more time that you may have disliked before. You may find a different way to enjoy it like I did!

Happy Quilting! XOXO-


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