Weekend Reading

I don’t know about you, but I love a good audiobook while I’m sewing. It passes the time while giving me something to take in.

This weekend I downloaded the audiobook for the book club I’m in. I got to pick this month’s read and it did not disappoint! I have always enjoyed a good “who done it” and love watching true crime in my spare time. My husband thinks it’s weird that I like what he calls “murder shows”. But it isn’t about the crime for me. It’s the solving it part that I get into!

I thought this book was well done! It gave me just the right amount of suspense and really drew me into all of the characters. I really enjoyed it!

What do you like to listen to or watch while stitching? Leave your comments below!

Happy stitching! XOXO-


4 thoughts on “Weekend Reading”

  1. I am listening to this now! I am really enjoying it, and I am with you, I love the guessing “who dunnit” I follow you on IG (sipandstitchit)and came across your blog!

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  2. Love crime as Weil Leslie. Love all the Harry Bosh, Mike Connelly, Roger Stelljes McRya Mysterys Also Harry Potter LOL Ive listened 4 time to all the books. My grandson told me to listen to the Wingfeather sagas….I did and enjoyed. Love your room and looking to steal some of your ideas……and suggestions for neatness!


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